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Nigel Pope

Nigel PopeNigel has worked in the education and broadcasting industries for over 20 years.

As one of the UK’s leading Natural History Producers Nigel has created a wide range of popular and successful brands ranging from Springwatch to Big Cat Diary for BBC.

Nigel develops and creates a range of programming that is internationally renowned for emotionally driven storytelling, visual spectacle and a distinctive creative style that unites non-fiction, drama and entertainment. These series include the seminal CBBC gameshow Raven, Big Cat Week, Britain Goes Wild (the original format for Springwatch) Secret Life of Elephants and Mountain Gorilla.

Nigel has spent the last three years producing a new natural history series for BBC Scotland called the Hebrides which is being launched this year. The Hebrides series unites unforgettable landscapes, ravishing imagery and powerful storytelling.

The Making of the BBC series – Hebrides, Islands on the Edge


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