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Dr Walter M Stephen

walter stephenWalter Stephen M.A.(Hons), M.Ed., PhD., is a former Chairman of the Sir Patrick Geddes Memorial Trust. Born in Thurso, Caithness he was educated in Glasgow and Edinburgh. Arthur Geddes, Patrick Geddes’s younger son, supervised his Geography dissertation. From Principal Teacher of Geography in distinguished schools in Fife and Edinburgh he became Adviser in Social Studies (Edinburgh), then Senior Adviser (Lothian). Influenced by Patrick Geddes, he set up and ran for 20 years Castlehill Urban Studies Centre, the first successful Urban Studies Centre in Britain, and the History of Education Centre.

As an independent scholar he has been responsible for books on Patrick Geddes, Willie Park Junior, Frank Fraser Darling and Darwin.  ‘Walter’s Wiggles: The Random Thoughts of a Random Fellow’ and ‘The Gypsy Empresses: A Study in Escapism’ are recent travel books.

Patrick Geddes: Greening the Urban Environment synopsis


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