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Dr David Hetherington

David HetheringtonAs a 6-year-old sitting in the back of the family car, David Hetherington alarmed his parents by yelling out that he’d just seen a ‘lynx’, although secretly he knew he’d really seen a Highland tree trunk that looked a bit like a lynx. Many years later, he wondered why contentious discussions about reintroductions were always dominated by wolves and so returned to academia to complete a PhD on the feasibility of reintroducing to Scotland the neglected and forgotten lynx. This allowed him to travel across Europe visiting lynx-inhabited landscapes and speaking with the few people who knew this secretive species well.

Later, as Ecology Advisor for the Cairngorms National Park Authority, he realised that the Scottish wildcat was about to go the same way as its bigger cousin, and consequently set up the Cairngorms Wildcat Project and managed it until 2012.

Scotland’s forgotten cats: a tale of two kitties synopsis


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