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Aubrey Manning


Aubrey Manning
Professor Manning began his scientific education with a degree in Zoology at University
College London and has a doctorate in animal behaviour from Oxford University. He is a
Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, holds a number of honorary degrees, a Zoological
Society of London Silver Medal and was awarded an OBE in 1998.
In 1956, following two years in National Service, he became an Assistant Lecturer at the
University of Edinburgh and – having fallen in love with the place – has been here ever since.
He was Professor of Natural History in 1971, a position he retained until retirement in 1997
and where he has inspired many undergraduates with his enthusiasm and passion for his
Professor Manning presented BBC2’s Earth Story and Talking Landscapes and more recently,
he could be heard on the Radio 4 series such as The Sounds of Life.

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