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Professor Magnaghi lecture will be given in Italian with simultaneous translation

September 24, 2010

Prof MagnaghiThe Open University in Scotland has organised this lecture with Friends of Riddles Court Edinburgh (FORCE) and the event launches the Rethinking the City event, organised by FORCE and taking place at Riddles Court over the weekend 1 to 3 October,

The intention of the Rethinking the City event is to reconvene the sort of international meetings held by Patrick Geddes and colleagues 100 years ago. The meetings then as now were intended to bring people together to confront the issues of the day. They are intended to be participatory, inspiring, challenging, generalist, open and practical. The focus of Rethinking the City weekend is to ask how can communities set the agenda and shape the life and future of the city. The weekend is driven by the practical examples of local community projects.

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