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Solar Cities: from Vision to Reality

This talk will outline the theory behind the Solar Cities movement, cover its history and outline the attributes of Solar Cities around the world.  The constituent elements of a Solar city are diverse.  They include: political leadership, legislation, regulation, solar rights laws, fiscal incentives at local regional and national levels, planning programmes and legislation, industrial and market incentives stimulating supply and demand, local community incentives and movements and a range of other drivers and barriers.  Part one of the talk will cover the range of these succinctly with examples.  The talk will finally finish with a review of why building integrated solar energy is vital to the economic and social security of nations in a world of rapidly changing energy markets and growing concerns over the energy security of regions.   The talk will also cover images of the 4th International Solar Cities Congress in Dezhou, China, a city where 95% of all building have solar systems.

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