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The Urban Bioregion

Evoking Sir Patrick Geddes’ theories of the ‘Valley Section’ and the interconnectedness of everything, Alberto Magnaghi will try to set out a concrete vision for a new urban bio-region, aimed at “re-building” a new European Idea of the Urbanité, and will consider such key concepts as a city of villages, local communities, place-consciousness, community maps, self-government, participation, neo-municipalism, city-countryside ‘pacts’ and multi-functional agriculture.

The new Urban Bioregion is made up of an ensemble of self-sustainable local systems, organised in turn into little and medium city groups, each one in ecological, economic and social equilibrium within their territory. These non-hierarchical networks are characterised by an effort towards closed-loop systems of their water, food, waste and energy cycles. The result can be regenerated urban landscapes with hydro and geological power supplies, and people experiencing a new relationship to the land, what some have called ‘a new peasantry’.

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